Ryan Phillippe Goes Shirtless And Looks Incredible

ImageIn the words of Uncle Jesse, have mercy! Thank you Just Jared for posting a little blog about how good Ryan Phillippe looks. I feel like people have forgotten about him because he hasn’t been in anything for so long but he is so damn good looking. Back in the day if it was between Ryan Phillippe or Freddie Prinze Jr, I would choose Ryan 100 percent of the time. He had that bad boy thing going for him.

Lok at him now though, he is almost 40, maybe even 40 by now but he is looking incredible. Those muscles, that jawline, those tattoos, still a bad boy but also a DILF.

I just don’t have anything more to say about this, so I will just post some pictures and take a moment for myself.


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Rapper Lil Kim Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl!

ImageToday the 39 year old former rapper and sex symbol, current plastic surgery queen gave birth to her first child. Now I am going to be nice this post, I swear it. Well maybe I won’t be. I just wonder if the little girl will look like Lil Kim used to look which was beautiful! Go ahead and google how this woman used to look, she was the sexiest woman in rap at one time now she looks like half of her face melted.

Anyway! Kim named her daughter Royal Reign, was a bad ass name. I mean can you picture her just sitting there thinking about this and then saying it out loud. It just rolls off the tongue. Royal Reign, that is one bad ass name. No one will fuck with her because she is royalty and you will be banished from the playground!

She is clearly already prepping her daughter for a future rap career with a name like that and I am completely behind it! I am ready for Royal Reign to drop her first number one.

Honestly though, congrats to Lil’ Kim and her healthy baby girl!

Man Crush Monday: Matt McGorry

ImageSo for the past three days instead of going out and enjoying the first nice weekend of the year, I have been binge watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Like any good American would do, right? Well this little cutie plays the cute cop who is about as intimidating as a kitten. Matt McGorry plays the good guy who just so happened to get a prisoner pregnant. In the second season he becomes a little bit more bad ass but I wont get into it for people who didn’t binge watch the show like I did.

I mean he is a man in uniform, how can you resist? He is also a man in a fake uniform so he really can’t get you arrested or anything so that is ever better, right?

Matt McGorry is pretty new on the scene but I think that he will be around for a while. Obviously he has a hit show under his belt, he is good looking, and he is a good actor too. He has a lot going for him and I think that we will see him around for a while. Maybe not in movies but on tv for sure!

I mean I love his little chestnut eyes and pouty lips! Can’t go wrong there!

Happy Monday! May this man crush make your day suck a little less!




Ed Sheeran Covers Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ on BBC Radio 1

If there is one thing that I love it is Ed Sheeran’s voice, it is just so angelic. You can hear a little hint of an English accent and whenever he sings it is like the song is breaking him. Does that even make sense? He just puts so much heart and soul into every single word, that is why he is the future of music. Yup, I said it!

For me personally I think that I like this version better than the original Sam Smith version, that doesn’t happen often with covers right? Not saying that Sam Smith isn’t a good singer, I just prefer Ed Sheeran’s version a hell of a lot better.

Which version do you like more? Sam Smith’s original version or the cover by Ed Sheeran?

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood Perform ‘Something Bad’ At CMT Awards


Right now in country music it seems like men are at the top of it while women just kind of pop in and out. With big male names like Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan just to name a few, it seems like not many women have been able to get to the top of the charts. That is just as of right now, not in the past but if last nights CMT Awards proved anything, it was that women were going to take back the country throne.

Last night two country powerhouses Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood took the stage to perform their newest duet ‘Something Bad’ and won the night. In my personal opinion it was the absolute best performance of the night and it seems like the two of them actually get along. This isn’t like the show Nashville, nope, it is a friendship not a rivalry.

With these two incredible voices this song is bound to blow up and potentially be one of the best songs of the summer, just my opinion I guess.

In case you haven’t heard the song the lyric video is posted below!

Wait, Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Are Dating?


File this under the folder that is labeled things that I did not see coming. They haven’t officially come out as a couple or anything but here they are strolling hand in hand with coffees. These damn celebrities and their coffee dates, isn’t that how this always starts? First they are drinking coffee next they are jetting off to some remote part of the world complaining about not having privacy.

I don’t know where I have been but apparently for the past month or two these two have been spotted here and there adding fuel to the dating rumors.

I will say congrats to Benji Madden for somehow getting into the spotlight again. It seems like every time I start to forget that he ever exsisted he pops back up doing something strange. Whether it is dating Paris Hilton, being a DJ, or who knows what else. Now him and Joel have started a band called, The Madden Brothers. He some how stays on the media’s spectrum which is just very odd to me.

I guess I should say good luck to this couple. I mean Cameron did date Jared Leto for a while, then she dated Justin Timberlake, so maybe she just has a thing for musicians.

Rihanna Changes Her Twitter Avatar To Something Amazing


So many people know that Rihanna is the fiercest bitch on the planet and she is, she is also absolutely hilarious. After everyone calling her out for wearing basically a sheer sheet with Swarovski crystals on it, she changed her Twitter avatar to this. This perfect photo of Peter Griffin wearing the exact same dress.

When she first saw the picture of Peter she probably died laughing, probably had a blunt lit and just cracked up the whole time while looking at it. I mean who wouldn’t? It is pure gold and everyone knows it. She even posted this picture with the caption, he got it.

ImageSo you know what? People can hate on Rihanna for wearing this dress, they can call her whatever but her confidence is insane. If I could look like Rihanna I would love to. I think that most people would. Who cares if she is showing off her boobs and her ass, good for her! Guess what, she still isn’t asking for it! Thought that it was a good time to use that.

Anyway, Rihanna is hilarious, fierce, and perfect. That is all.

Watch Amanda Seyfried Show Off Her Rap Skills

So watching this video made me like Amanda Seyfried a hundred times more and dislike Seth MacFarlane about a hunred times more. I have never really liked him and after watching this, he seems like a dick. Anyone who says that they don’t have a rap song they enjoy is a liar. Everyone smiles when they hear ‘Gettin’ Jiggy With It’ by Big Willie Style. He writes comedic movies but can’t bust out a fun rap song during a press tour, okay you asshole.

Then you have Amanda Seyfried over there just spitting raps like it is no big thing. Also, can we just talk about how she chose the boy band 5ive as her rap? How perfect is that? For those of you who don’t know who they are, stop what you are doing and youtube the song Slam Dunk D Funk and you will have a new 90s favorite song.

She may not be the greatest rapper but at least she went out there and had fun rather than the wet blanket formerly known as Seth MacFarlane.

Let’s Be Honest No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is

This video is absolutely brilliant right? I mean everyone hears Macklemore and Ryan Lewis but in reality they have no idea who Ryan Lewis is. Is he just a hype man? Is he a producer? No one knows! Jimmy Fallon knows that this is pure comedy gold though. What a simple yet brilliant idea. Why not have Ryan Lewis just roam New York City and ask people what they think about him. No one even bats an eye.

How about that girl who said he was a solid C+ then couldn’t even identify him from the picture he was holding up of himself. That was perfect.

Jimmy Fallon you are the king of late night and Ryan Lewis, I am still not sure what you do, even after this video.

Justin Timberlake Drops Music Video For ‘Not A Bad Thing’

Justin Timberlake you slay me! I am sorry for all those terrible things I said about you in the 90’s and early 2000’s I was just jealous that N’Sync got more credit than Backstreet Boys. This song absolutely kills me though. Even though I hear it a solid ten times a day on the radio I can’t help but sing along to it and love it.

Apparently he had people use the hashtag #NotABadLoveStory and then all of the photos or videos were put together and formed this official music video. If I had known I would have easily used that hashtag with me and my cat. I mean we have been together a solid 14 years, not a bad thing at all.

Bravo on an incredible music video and I am going to put this out there, this is easily my favorite Justin Timberlake song of all time. Yup, I said it!