Dozens Of A-List Female Celebrities Have Photos Leaked! Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and more!

Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, & More Celebs Fall Victim to Nude Photo Leak After Alleged Massive Phone Hack

Photo credit: Just Jared

So today was basically the apocalypse of celebrity nudes being leaked all over the internet. Some how some dude hacked into a bunch of A list celebrities phones and got a ton of nude pictures. That is something that I will never understand. How does someone even do that, it is probably really easy if you understand it, but back to the subject. Some of the celebrities involved in this alleged hack, are Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, McKayla Maroney, Hope Solo, Victoria Justice, and many other singers and actresses.

A few of them have already come out to make a statement about these photos that were leaked. Victoria Justice took to twitter to let the whole Twittersphere know that the photos aren’t real and she wanted to come clean about it.

Jennifer Lawrence’s rep also said that the photos were an invasion of privacy and anyone who posts them will be sued, so I won’t be posting any of them.

Honestly if you want to find the pictures you can just google them and they will pop up. I do feel sorry for these people who took photos and sent them to whoever and they were shopped around the internet. So no pictures will be posted here! I give them a week to find the dirty bird who leaked all the pictures. Maybe even sooner than that.


Looks Like Queen Britney Spears Dumped David Lucado!

Britney Spears just dumped her boyfriend of 18 months … after finding out there’s a video of him cheating on her that’s being shopped around Hollywood.

We’re told David Lucado is seen in the video making out with a woman and dancing with her. It looks like they’re in someone’s living room. We’re told the video was shot in early August. 

When we called Lucado … a rep told us, “David is very, very in love with Britney. This is unfortunate and he hopes that it all works out.”

Well, it didn’t. We called Britney’s camp for comment, and we were told her father Jamie wanted to say something about it, but wanted to tell Britney first. It appears as soon he told her … she broke up with David.

She just tweeted, “Ahhhh the single life!

I had such high hopes for these two! Ugh, this just breaks my little Britney Spears loving heart! I really thought that these two would make it. He wasn’t famous, she needs someone who doesn’t want to be famous. Nope, he had to go and cheat on Britney with some chick in a living room? Like who in their right mind would cheat on Britney? Now I understand she is a little crazy but she seems like a good time. Can you imagine all the hate this man is going to receive? Britney has an absolutely insane following!
I mean this is probably crazy but maybe now Britney and Justin can finally work out? That would be great, my 90’s heart would explode.

Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Make An Adorable Couple

Which way to VIP? Once inside, Brooklyn and Chloë convened in the lobby to await their VIP passes alongside a tall guy pal/bodyguard

So Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have been apparently dating for a while and I think that it is absolutely adorable, it is like Justin and Selena except way sweeter. Brooklyn was her date to the MTV Movie Awards and recently they were spotted out at an Ed Sheeran concert.

Moretz is 17, and Beckham is only 15 but it looks like age doesn’t matter at the moment. I never understood the whole dating younger men when you are a teenager thing that Hollywood starlets seem to do but in this case I do understand. You do realize who Brooklyn’s father is right? Yup, that is right, David Beckham! You know what that means? It means he is going to grow up and be totally banging. Right now he is just adorable because I would seem extra creepy if I used any other terminology to address his looks.

Another completely adorable fact is that he supported her at her “If I Stay” premier by attending and apparently leaving with her after the party.

I hope to see more of this couple and I hope they get married, too fast too soon? Don’t care!

Three months strong? The London-born Englishman and his Florida-born belle have also been seen attending the Young Hollywood Awards on August 10

Just friends? And last week, Beckham sweetly supported Moretz at the premiere of Chloë's latest film, If I Stay


A Farewell To ‘Chelsea Lately’ Thanks For The Seven Years!

Now I have been dealing with the whole series final hangover since ‘True Blood’ sucked the blood out of me because of how horrible it was. I wasn’t ready to see whatever they had in store for Chelsea Handler but after watching the series finale I must say, they did a great job sending her off to Netflix! Mostly because this song is absolute gold, just star studded, off key, and making fun of the E! channel!

I mean just to name a few we say Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osborne, Gerard Butler, Avril, Leanne Rimes, Alanis Morissette, Dave Grohl, Selena Gomez, Kathy Griffin, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Theroux, Sandra Bullock, Chloe Grace Moretz, Dane Cook, Kate Beckinsale, Gen Stefani, 50 Cent, Fergie, and the list goes on!

I mean who could get all those names in one room, other than most award shows! Such a perfect mix of B list celebrities and A list celebrities, you just can’t go wrong!

They started it off with a good old shower scene between her and Ellen then ended with that sing along. How could you be mad about that?

I do wish that they showed Selena’s face when they made the dig about Justin Bieber, it would just be hilarious. Plus did you see how uncomfortable Kate Beckinsale looked next to her and Vanessa Hudgens, I am not sure if she even knew who they were.

Honestly, Chelsea Handler is one of the main inspirations for me starting up this blog, loved her delivery, her humor when it came to celebrities, basically I loved that she was the head bitch in charge. Now I know she is going to be doing something with Netflix but it just isn’t the same! I will not be able to fall asleep to her loud voice! That is what DVR is for I guess.

Thank you for the laughs Chelsea and I can’t wait to see what you put together with Netflix!

What Do You Think Of Nicki Minaj’s Video For ‘Anaconda’?

Well shit, that is all I can say about this music video. I mean this is some aggressive ass shaking dancing in this music video and I am jealous. Sure people are going to go and say that it is trashy which it is but who cares! Nicki Minaj is back people! She is done trying to be a singer, her rapping is where it is at! Do I love the song? No, I do not love it what so ever but it is catchy as shit. If you use a ‘Baby Got Back’ sample then you basically have the catchiest song in the entire world.

I hope that the rest of her album is going to be catchy like this because her being a singer just wasn’t cutting it for me. I also love the Drake cameo, it means that they are cool again! Maybe they can team up for some incredible songs again.

Minaj you keep shaking that ass and singing about it because that is what you do! Don’t change a thing!

Demi Lovato Turns 22 Today!

I don’t know about you but Demi’s feeling 22! I am aware that isn’t her song but I enjoy singing it whenever someone turns that specific age. Happiest of birthdays to Demi Lovato! She has been through a lot in her short 22 years on this earth but I truly believe that she has staying power, unlike other pop superstars that are famous right now. She will actually be around in ten years while Justin Bieber is just a joke that people use as a punch line, yup I said it!

So here is to turning 22, I hope you have a great birthday and personally I can’t wait for you to release new music, whenever that may be!

Taylor Swift Releases New Song ‘Shake It Off’ !

As an avid T.Swift fan I was pretty happy when I found out she was doing that whole livestream thing because I knew something big was going to come from it, maybe a single, or some album info and both things happened! Taylor will be releasing her new album entitled 1989 and it will be released on October 27th! Exciting stuff right there. She also released not only a single but a video for the single called ‘Shake It Off’ which is basically living proof she has totally steered away from country music.

Now how do I feel about this song? It is definitely not one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, in fact it may be my least favorite one that I have ever heard by her. I know I will probably end up liking it in about a month though, I will jam out to it. I think it just has to grow on me a little bit. At least I hope that is the case.

What is she thinking stealing lines from my girls 3LW though, saying players are going to play and that haters are going to hate! I see what you are doing there girl and I don’t like it! Well I do like it but 3LW created those lines first ya silly Swift!

One thing I will say is that in this video I loved that she played on the fact that she can’t dance at all. Everyone knows she can’t dance, she knows she can’t dance. It is really awesome.

This is very much like “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne if you ask me, yeah I said it! It reminds me of when Avril did the whole transformation thing that didn’t really work out in her favor.

I am sitting here wondering how this will react with her fans though, I mean for me, I will probably end up loving it. I basically love anything that T.Swift does but I hope that her whole album isn’t like this. Is it too different from her old stuff though? Also will people finally stop complaining that she isn’t country because clearly she is aware she isn’t country anymore. So you need to stop using the whole well she isn’t country line, we know that alright.

Do you guys love it or hate it? I gotta know!

Man Crush Monday: Trey Songz

It’s Mr.Steal Your Girl! I have come to the conclusion that Trey Songz is one of the hottest men on this entire planet this past summer. Now he has always put out good songs, I mean ‘Bottoms Up’ and ‘Say Ahh’ are just a few of the songs that I personally love. He reminds me a lot of Usher too, in his voice and body more than anything. I mean you all know how I feel about Usher.

How can you not find this man absolute perfection? His gorgeous lips, his body, his perfect face, everything! Oh can’t forget that soulful voice and his rapping skills too.

Anyway, this summer Trey has blown up, much bigger than before in my humble opinion. Now he is going on the road with my least favorite singer Chris Brown but hey, I understand why he would do that. Honestly that tour will probably get twice the girls since Trey Songz is so smooth and Chris Brown is an absolute asshole, but some women like assholes.

So Trey, you keep doing your thing and I will keep buying your songs and doing my white girl dances when I hear them at clubs. This is one of the few men who look incredible shirtless and even better when he is all suited up. So strange but I don’t hate it at all.

Happy Monday and I hope that these pictures of Trey Songz get your week off on the right foot!

Kevin Hart & Dave Franco Team Up For Hilarious Madden Commercial

Now to be honest I don’t really care about video games, I will admit that football is my favorite sport but video games, not for me. This is easily the longest commercial that I have ever watched through but it was worth it because it was hilarious. Even though I don’t understand the obsession with video games, men love them. They take that shit so seriously! The song is pretty catchy too, until actual football players come through trying to rap, that wasn’t very funny.

I guess this commercial means that football season is finally here! Let’s celebrate because it is fall which means cooler air, leaves change, and life is better!

Yeah fall! I mean yeah football!!

PS: I feel like Kevin Hart is getting played out extremely fast, do you agree?

Justin Bieber Posts Then Deletes New Selena Gomez Photo

Honestly does anyone even care about these two anymore? That is my main question, I am simply writing about it because I hope it gets my page a few extra hits together. The world is very aware that these two are losing the careers that they once had. People can say no, no, no but there is no way either of them will ever hit the high that they were just at.

According to sources this picture was taken after a bible study that they went to together then left together. You know for a while I was feeling for Selena Gomez, people made it out like Bieber was a bad influence on her and took advantage of her naive nature. Let me be clear, homegirl knows exactly what she is doing right now. 

If I have any advice for Selena Gomez I would say to fucking stop going back out with Beiber and looking stupid. This guy is running around making out with everyone in Spain then hanging out with the Jenner girls that you don’t like any more. You just look like a fool.

Their relationship is no longer cute and innocent like it was when they first started to date. It is becoming a never ending cycle of what looks like PR to make them both look better. Bieber is at bible study after being told he needs to attend like 100 hours of anger management class, yeah that isn’t a coincidence at all.

Yes Bieber fans I am ready for you to hate me but take a moment and step back. Would you want to go out with a guy hwo has publicly embarrassed you on multiple occasions?