Josh Peck Is A Married Man – See The Adorable Photo Here!

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That’s right, Josh from ‘Drake & Josh’ is a married man!

Over the weekend he married his longtime love Paige O’Brien in a small ceremony and today, he took to Instagram to confirm it.

John Stamos was one of the guests in attendance, Drake Bell was not there. No word on if Miranda Cosgrove was there or not.

Good for Josh though, one of the best glow ups of all time if you ask me.

Foreva eva, foreva eva? – Andre 3000

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Man Crush Monday: Demetrius Shipp Jr

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Over the weekend the highly anticipate movie about Tupac’s life ‘All Eyez On Me’ was released. Although the reviews have been kind of mixed, one thing is for sure, Demetrius brought it.

Most of the bad reviews come from the storytelling of the movie rather than the performance of the actor.

Now I have yet to see it but I will because I think that Demetrius is a babe and I love me some Kat Graham, so it’s only right that I check it out.

It’s kind of insane that I have been reading comments from people saying that they don’t think that Demetrius even looks like Tupac which is the craziest thing in the world. No, they aren’t twins but they look damn near identical if you ask me.

Hopefully we see more Demetrius and he isn’t typecast as Tupac for ever.

That smile, those eyes, and his body, he’s gotta stay in the public eye!

Thank you to the great people at @vibemagazine and the good brother @kevinpowellinbrooklyn Link in bio

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Time to hit the water.

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2:22am. Chilly chill

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‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Shares Beautiful Make Up Free Photo

It is kind of sad that we have to praise actresses for sharing make up free photos but whatever! I am going to do it anyway because Gal Gadot is absolutely gorgeous.

Yesterday Gal posted a photo of herself after being up all night with her children but she is still beyond happy with the simple things in life.

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman is her job but she would much rather be watching ‘Cat In The Hat’.

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Let Gregg Sulkin’s Latest Instagram Post Bless Your Night

Can we all agree that Gregg Sulkin is super hot? I mean just look at him. Those lips, those dimples, everything about him is just banging. Even though I hated him on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (sorry I’m an Ezria fan) we can all agree that he is in fact pretty and we ain’t lying.

Well on Instagram lately he has been shirtless all the time.

Is there any other selling point I need? A shirtless Gregg Sulkin is good for everyone involved! That is something I am sure of!

Now, I am not going to post all of them, I am only going to post the most recent because when I saw it, I said damn out loud.

I think that he is training for a Marvel show but I could be wrong.

We all need to appreciate Gregg Sulkin more, okay? Okay.

3 in a row I thought would look more aesthetically interesting on the gram.

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Watch Zoe Kravitz Do The #NickiMinajChallenge

Zoe Isabella Kravitz

I wish I was as cool as Zoe Kravitz. Really, I just wanted to get that out there immediately. She is so beautiful, such an incredible actress, and one of the only people who can rock a full head of dreads then shave them off and still look beautiful.

Zoe is going to be one of the greatest actresses of this upcoming generation, just wait and see.

Today, Zoe did the #NickiMinajChallenge which I didn’t even know existed until well, she did it.

Apparently this has been going around the internet for like two days and it’s actually hysterical.

Here’s the Nicki video that started it all.

Now here is Zoe doing her own version of the challenge.

This challenge is hysterical, now if you could leave me be I am going to do my own challenge.

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Chance The Rapper Brings Daughter Kensli To Disney!

I think that we can all agree that Chance the Rapper is one of the hottest rappers out right now. He is out there touring the country and raising money to help inner city schools, two very awesome things.

Well today Chance took some time out of his busy work schedule to bring his daughter Kensli to Disney World.

The rapper is currently in Florida for a show in Miami, so it looks like he made sure to spend time with his adorable daughter.

There are many reports that Chance and Kensli’s mother are no longer today but it’s pretty clear that they are both very interested in making sure everything is perfect for their daughter.

Come through Queen.

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Sienna Miller Has Officially Joined Instagram!

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Sometimes there is celebrity news that I know not many other people will be excited about but I still have to share it.

Sienna Miller is finally on Instagram!

For some reason I absolutely love Sienna Miller, I mean it’s probably because she is beautiful, stylish, and is a great actor. Can you even blame me?

Ever since Jude cheated on her, then she got back with him, only to break up with him again, I have always been rooting for her.

When she got praise for ‘American Sniper’ I was beyond thrilled.

Now she is on Instagram and she blames peer pressure for it.

So to whoever peer pressured Sienna into making a public Instagram, God bless you.

Hello World Wide Web. #givenin #peerpressure #luddite 🙃

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I would like to add that she does follow Jude Law’s children and ex-wife on the social media site.

Fucking Jude Law, am I right?

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Halle Berry Response To Pregnancy Rumors

Halle Berry is either an evil genius about getting press, or she is pregnant. There is really no other way to go about this stance.

In case you missed it, earlier her rep said that Halle wasn’t pregnant. It was left at that.

Well today, Halle posted a throwback photo asking if “Can a girl have some steak and fries??”

The answer to that is yes, you can have fries, you can eat whatever you want!

Halle, you’re a vet and you’ve walked the red carpet pregnant before. If you place your hands on your stomach it’s going to get people talking!

Can a girl have some steak and fries?? 🙄😉

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Usher Explains Absence From One Love Manchester Benefit Concert

Yesterday was a big day for everyone involved in the One Love Manchester benefit concert. Usher was supposed to be one of the main acts but he wasn’t able to attend, but remained quiet until today.

Apparently it was Usher’s son’s first day of summer camp and it was a big day for him, so Usher didn’t want to miss it.

I mean okay, I get it.

Just kind of weird that summer camp starts on a Sunday.

Check out Usher’s posts below and let me know what you think!

#OneLoveManchester ❤️

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Rihanna Celebrates 10 Years Of ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’

Ten years ago Rihanna released an album the cemented her spot as pop royalty. That’s right, it’s been ten years since she dropped Good Girl Gone Bad, one of her best selling albums to date.

Many of her biggest hits came from this album, like “Umbrella”, “Breakin Dishes” which is an under appreciated bop, “Hate That I Love You”, “Shut Up & Drive”, and “Don’t Stop The Music”.

In reality every single song on that album could have been on the radio and would have been a hit.

In case you haven’t realized, everything that Rihanna touches turns to hit music.

Check out her tribute to the album that changed her career.

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